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Welcome to Nicholsons
Nicholsons core business for over thirty years has been the cultivation and care of native British trees and the creation and management of traditional forest and woodland. Based around a team of highly qualified and experienced graduate Foresters and Arboriculturalists, Nicholsons Forestry assures a professional and efficient service. Senior staff are members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF).

Caring for existing and long-established trees is all part of the service. At Nicholsons we are able to carry out all levels of tree maintenance and arboricultural operations, from ground preparation and planting, Duty of Care tree inspections and individual tree reports, to erection of fencing and tree-guards, timber harvesting, establishing new hedgerows (and maintaining existing ones), tree felling and stump grinding.

The outbreak of Ash Dieback Disease poses a serious threat to our native Ash trees. We are working to keep our clients well informed, and assisting them with managing vulnerable young plantations and mature woodland. If you are concerned by Ash Dieback Disease please view our dedicated webpage or Contact us.

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Tree Surgery and Arboriculture with Nicholsons Forestry
Woodland Management with Nicholsons Forestry
Contracting work with Nicholsons Forestry
Nicholsons attends to all levels of tree surgery, maintenance and arboriculture, including Duty of Care inspections, reports, pruning, crown reduction and felling.
Correct tree management is essential part of woodland ownership, whether for maximising timber production or for the effective conservation of the environment.
Nicholsons offers a wide range of contracting services relating to the planting and management of forest and woodland, including planting hedges and fencing.
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